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Amazfit Stratos review

Amazfit has demonstrated its capacity to discharge moderate jewels like the durable Amazfit Bip. Presently, with the Amazfit Stratos, the organization is taking its wellness trackers to the following level with a watch that highlights multi-sport bolster, V02max oxygen utilization estimations, and an association with Strava, among different incorporations that will please rec center goers.

Obviously, the progression up to the major association of wearables accompanies a knock up in cost over what we're accustomed to seeing with Amazfit. It retails at $200 (around AU$257), still a modest value all said. Notwithstanding the majority of the additional highlights, it has some outline components that we're more used to finding in a smartwatch.

Since the US dispatch, we've additionally observed the item dispatch for the UK set amidst June where it's set to cost £146. That is a touch less expensive than what it costs in the US, yet we've just observed it up for pre-arrange on Amazon up until this point.

While not the most easy to use choice available, nor the most low-profile gadget, the Stratos is an astonishingly highlight rich wearable that undermines any semblance of Garmin and Polar with its sheer measure of action bolster.

Amazfit Stratos cost and discharge date

The Stratos positions among Amazfit's more costly wearables at $199, and is accessible through Amazfit's site in the US, and additionally Amazon.

In case you're outside of the US, we've seen Xiaomi (Amazfit producer Huami's parent organization – that is correct, it's confounding) offering it coordinate through Amazon for £146. That won't be in stock until the center of June however.

We'll be keeping a post for included accessibility somewhere else, however like Amazfit's different wearables, the Stratos isn't accessible all over.


The Amazfit Bip looks very like the Apple Watch until the point when you investigate, however the Stratos states its smartwatch style all through the introduction, both all around.

Taking after a major, cumbersome original Wear OS smartwatch, the Stratos wears its roundabout watch manufacture gladly – it even has the punctured tire-loaded show scandalously presented by the Moto 360.

Worked with an artistic bezel that encompasses its Gorilla Glass-secured top, the Stratos radiates a verifiably premium stylish that will grab the attention of smartwatch aficionados. Yet, it offers something other than great outline: encased treated steel catches and a carbon fiber-esque scratching around its case, the waterproof Stratos is very intense as it looks.

This thick wearable is shockingly light at 70 grams, and its 1.3-inch touchscreen dependably in plain view is very extensive and is anything but difficult to peruse on account of a difference overwhelming introduction and backdrop illumination, yet the survey points aren't liberal.

For a wellness centered wearable at this value, it's hard to request something more streamlined than what the Stratos gives. Be that as it may, in case you're accustomed to something like the Fitbit Ionic or the Apple Watch, this will feel massive.

Gratefully, the Stratos yields a comfortable fit, notwithstanding when bound up sufficiently tight to get a precise heart rate perusing – something we couldn't say in regards to the Amazfit Cor.

Around the back of this wellness tracker is a heart rate sensor and charging port. While the previous juts from the frame a considerable amount, it doesn't affect comfort in the smallest and it may be the plan call that enables this gadget to get solid heart rate readings.


With regards to really utilizing the Amazfit Stratos, the individuals who are alright with smartwatch interfaces will probably be dumbfounded by what's on offer here. Comparative now and again to Wear OS, it's hard to get a feeling of how you should explore Amazfit's exclusive programming at a given minute.

Of course, the required Amazfit Watch application strolls you through it, however you'll likely need to rehearse for a couple of minutes before it feels to some degree normal. And still, at the end of the day, it's as yet unintuitive for tech with a touchscreen.

The catch enveloped by red trimming is the power catch, however it additionally acts to explore in reverse in the UI, which has 13 pages to deal with (however you can incapacitate ones that you consider pointless through the Amazfit Watch application). Inverse from the power catch, another catch can explore the other heading through the interface. On the other hand, once you hit the power catch, which acts to open the watch, you can swipe with your finger – a significantly less demanding alternative. Nonetheless, it will in any case likely take you more than 5-10 seconds to play out the assignment you're after.

While working out, an entire other slew of controls are utilized to execute wellness based errands and keeping in mind that they bode well on paper, in actuality they couldn't feel more outside.

Utilizing the touchscreen to explore truly is the most effortless approach to get around the Stratos, however that is not the situation when you're working out. Troublesome as it might be for those uninitiated to wellness watches, it pays to take in the catch design.
Like most wellness trackers, the Amazfit Stratos (alongside its different wearables) are perfect with iOS and Android cell phones. Be that as it may, not at all like the others, the Stratos can accomplish more without being matched up with your telephone. It can track exercises with its committed GPS chip and you can tune in to privately put away music with an arrangement of Bluetooth remote earphones.

Regardless you'll have to introduce it with the Amazfit Watch application – strangely, the Mi Fit application that other Amazfit wearables use isn't utilized as a part of any way. From that point, it lets you all the more effectively redo the watchfaces and different settings that are substantially harder to access on the watch itself.

There are couple of wearables organizations who have a solid handle on the product side of things, and the Stratos demonstrates that Amazfit isn't one of them presently. While the contributions are moderately well disposed to new clients and information rich, it's only a little bizarre that this uses a totally unexpected application in comparison to the organization's different wellness trackers.

As far as the watch's battery life, it obviously depends a considerable measure on how you're utilizing it. Amazfit publicizes a five-day battery hope and it certainly conveys on that guarantee. That is after a solid blend of exercises, all of which used the GPS sensor and heart rate following. It's significant that turning on nonstop heart rate detecting and gushing music by means of Bluetooth are two great methods for failing the battery life. In any case, should you simply utilize it as a watch, you're taking a gander at over seven days of battery here.


The Stratos is Amazfit's most eager wearable, both as far as its plan and its wellness prepared highlights. In case you're scouring the market for a gadget that will be a dependable exercise center amigo, you'll rapidly acknowledge how costly a large portion of the alternatives out there are.

The Garmin Forerunner 645 Music, for instance, has a comparative arrangement of highlights to the Stratos, yet comes in at $399 (£399/around AU$520). There are things that Garmin's model, and additionally others, achieve with more ability. Most remarkably is the interface, which completes a superior occupation bundling information on the screen, and all the more richly flaunts the numerous obligations of its equipment catches.

In any case, for about a large portion of the value, the Stratos completes a ton in the wellness office. As far as the exercise writes it can track locally, this incorporates running, strolling, cycling, swimming, curved machine, mountain climbing and climbing, trail running, marathon, tennis, soccer and skiing.

You can get granular with your wellness, should you want. For instance, the base catch on the Stratos gives you a chance to trigger the lap work so you can time your reps in case you're expecting to get a lower time circling the nearby lake. Obviously, something like this proves to be useful when you're swimming, which alongside showering is an effortless exercise because of this current watch's waterproofing that can withstand five airs of weight.

Regardless of the exercise, you can without much of a stretch delay your advance by tapping the best catch. From what we've seen, this watch doesn't bolster auto-delay – something the Bip attempted to sketchy impact – however that is no stress in light of the fact that if there's something that wellness fans love, it's immediate control over their measurements.

GPS and GLONASS following isn't the speediest we've seen – it can take around 15-20 seconds to discover a bolt. In any case, you can at present start your exercise while it boots up out of sight. All things considered, it's precise, keeping a strong association, and we appreciated the GFX send out component that let us take a gander at our followed exercises on the extra large screen.

Is it true that you are a Strava client? Assuming this is the case, you'll appreciate the way that the Stratos can without much of a stretch connection up with the administration, nourishing in details from the watch straightforwardly after setup. Be that as it may, in the event that you don't, the Amazfit application completes a good employment of showing your details, offering a breakdown of each sort of exercise you accomplished.

In case you're hoping to crush however much utility as could be expected from the Stratos, the inherent heart rate sensor completes a fine employment. Consistent heart rate location is flipped off as a matter of course to spare battery, however exchanging it on will get you a steady feed of information.

Furthermore, the Stratos likewise accompanies support to synchronize with Bluetooth adornments like heart lashes, and the capacity track V02max, or how much oxygen you devour amid an exercise. Alongside this metric, it would then be able to check your activity to decide how much recuperation time you'll require with a specific end goal to develop. Basically, it can complete a great deal at the cost.
The Amazfit Stratos packs in an astonishing measure of utility at its $199/£145 cost tag. It goes up against some intense rivalry that has run the wellness watch part for a long while, and overall, it makes it out of the ring with moderately few scratches. It doesn't execute well on its interface, and the catch format couldn't be even more a wreck. Something else, this is an able choice to keep a post for.

Who's this for?

The Stratos is for wellness clients searching for somewhat more out of a wearable. It has an insightful smartwatch-esque style, yet underneath its tough shell, you'll find pretty much every looked for after wellness highlight, yet at a lower cost than the opposition.

Would it be advisable for you to get it?

In the event that cash is tight, however your craving to get fit knows no limits, the Amazfit Stratos will possess all the necessary qualities. For $199/£145, it's anything but difficult to locate a less expensive wearable, however you'll be unable to locate a superior esteem with regards to wellness includes that really function as they should.

Also, the Stratos is certainly justified regardless of your trade in case you're tied out with Strava and appreciate delving profound into your wellness information.