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Five Things That Cannot Be Changed That We Had Better Accept As It Is

There are various ways anxieties tear us down due to various situations that surround us and these things are further fueled by our reactions to happenings around us.
We will be wise to better accept these things because we can’t change them.
Other people’s thoughts and responses:  even though we have the urge of controlling the way other people think by motivating or influencing them, we just can’t change them. We become nervous when other people try to manipulate us even though we have a right to our own thought and ought to be respected as such.
Some health conditions:  apart from the various ways we choose to live or life, there are some health conditions that will definitely force itself into our life that can make us see life as unfair. These health conditions might also extend to affect people around us and even those we love which prompts us to another thing about life that can’t be changed or controlled.
Misfortunes and Losses:  even though we might have fore warning because we cannot weigh how a loss might affect us until it happens because we are not prepared for it. Misfortunes and losses can become harder to bear than when it happened than when imagined which may tend to hurt us the more. This we can’t control but we had better accept it and have peace of mind.   It’s a difficult task though but we tend to become more mature if this is done.
Changing the nature of fortunes: Apart form the unprecedented and unexpected outcomes form either bad or good decisions we make, there are various unpredicted flow to life. Helping ourselves to remember the things we are thankful for encourages us acknowledge the uncertainties about life.
The nature of life – even though we become more knowledgeable by experience, age and our belief. However, there are numerous things about life may become strange and surprising. Indeed, even by understanding, information and conviction there are special cases. Accepting things as they are and trying to improve on our current situation makes life fascinating and help accept life as a fickle.
We become more tense and anxiety arises when we struggle to control the things we can’t control. We have peace of mind immediately we tell ourselves that it is alright that we can't control them.